Advantages of Aeroseal


The application of AEROSEAL enables extremely fast project completion, with a reduction in long-term construction work. Treated building or sections of buildings can be used again immediately.

An average of up to 600m of ductwork can be sealed per day or approx. 2,700 m2 pipe surface.
When sealing during the course of the installation and construction of a new plant, the section-by-section application approach and logging guarantees that the required air-tightness class is met for the entire system. For the application of AEROSEAL a team of 1 to 2 service technicians is required.

Increase In Comfort and Hygiene

  • The loss of heat or cold due to leaking air pipes is reduced
  • Even distribution of pre-treated air in the building is guaranteed
  • Noise due to leaks is a thing of the past
  • Odours due to leaks in the air pipe are eliminated
  • The overall hygiene of the indoor air quality air is greatly improved


Before starting the sealing process with AEROSEAL, the total leakage of the air duct system concerned is determined and recorded and this process is repeated after sealing to establish a recorded improvement. The customer receives a certificate on completion detailing the achieved reduction.

AEROSEAL can reduce the leakage of air conduction systems by an average of 90% in a very short time.

Energy Efficiency

The typical leakage of air duct systems in Europe is between 15 - 30%.

This allows for an energy saving potential of up to 50% on the required fan energy. In addition, there is also considerable potential for savings in heating and cooling power. In buildings with a high air exchange rate, such as hospitals, pharmaceutical industry, the sealing typically pays for itself in a very short time, in some cases even within one year.

To illustrate the theoretical relationships between SFP, air leakage rate and the power requirement of a fan.

The cured sealant is completely odourless and will withstand temperatures from -29C to +249C.
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